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Town Meeting - Mon., October 23rd, Botelle School 7pm

Zoning & Wetlands Proposed Citation Ordinance
On Monday, October 23rd, the Town of Norfolk will be holding a Town Meeting to vote upon whether a Citation Ordinance, which would allow fines for zoning or wetlands violations, should be approved. In our current situation, many violations, including many that would affect your use of your own property, your ability to enjoy your property or even to maintain your property’s value, can only be enforced by the town by engaging in a lawsuit. Due to the costs involved, many violations are allowed to continue unabated.
In past years, the Town has spent too many taxpayer dollars to protect landowner’s properties. Some of the violations included:
• Structures built ignoring the required setbacks to a neighbor’s property boundary line,
• Rock quarrying in a residential neighborhood within 100 feet of a neighbor’s home,
• Illegal digging of a pond resulting in flooding to a neighbor’s property,
• An illegal subdivision to construct a cell tower.
The proposed ordinance will permit fines to be issued only after exhaustive attempts have been made to bring violators into compliance. A thorough regulatory and appeal framework will detail the process to allow property owners several opportunities to appeal any enforcement action or citation. Many municipalities throughout the state have found this type of ordinance to be an effective tool to discourage violations.
We need your support to bring this Citation Ordinance forward. A copy of the proposed ordinance and procedural regulations are available on Norfolk’s town website at Please attend the October 23rd meeting at 7:00 pm and vote YES to provide the town with the necessary tools to protect our health, safety, and welfare as well as our property values.

Sample Ballot for Upcoming Election

November 7th Municipal election sample ballot is now available for preview.

From the Norfolk Assessor's Office:

If you have recently changed your mailing address (including Post Office box numbers or to or from out of state addresses) please be sure to advise the Assessor’s Office to assure that all official town mail is sent to your correct address. Mailing address changes must be made in writing to PO Box 552, Norfolk or by email to [email protected]

This is also the ideal time to check your vehicle DMV registrations and driver’s license to verify that DMV also has your correct mailing and physical address on file for renewal purposes. You may also check this information and print DMV Address Correction forms online at

The Town of Norfolk’s next July billings will be based on the addresses listed at DMV as of this October 1, 2017.

Please contact the Assessor’s Office at 860-542-5287 daily until 12:00 pm if you have any questions. Thank you.

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Town Clerk & Registrar of Vital Statistics November 7th Municipal election sample ballot is now available for preview. Find it below in the resources.
Posted until: 11/08/2017

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